‘iKON TV’, iKON’s First Reality In 4 Years Since Debut Coming Soon… Will Premiere in April

YG's boygroup iKON is releasing their first exclusive reality show, ‘iKON TV’, for the first time in 4 years since debut.
On iKON’s first official fan-meeting in Korea, ‘iKON 2018 PRIVATE STAGE, RE·-KONNECT’ held on March 11, 6 PM, the members announced the upcoming launch of ‘iKON TV’ themselves.

B.I stated, “It’s orders from our boss, we had our first shooting last night, right?” and continued, “We are filming ‘iKON TV’ for the first time in 4 years since debut. It will be fun”.

JAY added by requesting, “We are participating in meetings, coming up with ideas. Please look forward to the show”. The fans cheered loudly when they heard the news and repeatedly yelled, “Thank you, iKON”.

‘iKON TV’ recently started its production and is expected to premiere on the first week of April. It will be iKON’s first exclusive reality program which the fans can realize unexpected charms of iKON, unlike the charms they display on stage. It will be a great gift for the fans since ‘iKON TV’ was one of their most sought after wishes.

With the release, YANG HYUN SUK, YG’s representative producer kept all promises he made with the fans of iKON. They extended their activities in Korea by releasing a surprise single after releasing their 2nd official album, held a fan-meeting, made appearances in many variety programs, and lastly, the announcement of ‘iKON TV’. The long-waited hope by iKonic (fan club) became true in real-life.

During PRIVATE STAGE, iKON deeply expressed their longing and gratitude for their fans, iKonic.

iKON stated, “It was special since today’s event was the first PRIVATE STAGE in Korea, and I feel like my heart is fluttering. I laughed a lot today” and continued, “We hope we can make each other proud”.

They also made the fans curious and excited at the same time, by revealing a teaser called ‘2018.06’. After revealing that “We won’t make you wait for long in 2018”, they added “We gave you a hint. We don’t know the exact method, but we’ll meet again for sure in June”, while the excited fans waved their concert bats.

In the end, JAY mentioned the opening song ‘Long Time No See’ and told the fans “We really missed you a lot”, warming the hearts of fans. B.I promised to meet the fans again through various methods by stating, “We’ll make you expect more while you wait for us”.

In the PRIVATE STAGE, iKON sang the songs requested by the fans live, and created a variety corner they came up by themselves. They revealed their hidden ‘aegyo’ through visuals from video calls and the ‘Konic World’ corner. During the encore, they went closer to the fans that were sitting on the 2nd floor, to communicate with them at a closer range.

iKON is having the time of their lives. The title song ‘LOVE SCENARIO’, from their 2nd official album, re-wrote the 10-year history of boy groups by maintaining its no. 1 spot in various real-time charts for 43 consecutive days. Their new song ‘RUBBER BAND’ also continued the group’s syndrome by being placed at no. 1 at iTunes Charts in 11 different countries.

iKON, who successfully completed their first PRIVATE STAGE, will go on a special vacation to Jeju Island and have time to recharge.

‘iKON TV’, iKON’s First Reality In 4 Years Since Debut Coming Soon… Will Premiere in April ‘iKON TV’, iKON’s First Reality In 4 Years Since Debut Coming Soon… Will Premiere in April Reviewed by YG YGE on March 12, 2018 Rating: 5

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