“The Endless March” … iKON, No. 1 ‘All-Kill’ For 34 Days

YG's iKON is at no. 1 in music charts for 34 consecutive days.
What’s more surprising is that despite the fact that it’s been 4 weeks since the new song was released, their endless march such as achieving and all-kill in all 8 major real-time charts, is still ongoing.

Two phenomena exist which is hard to believe from the eyes of related personnel who work in the K-POP scene.
Usually, new songs by most popular artists spend a couple days at no. 1 and their rankings drop little by little, as time goes by. However, iKON’s ‘LOVE SCENARIO’ has been remaining at no. 1 in 5 to 6 charts including Melon, Korea’s largest music streaming platform, for 34 days. They remain at no. 1 in 5-6 charts in the morning, and later achieve ‘all-kill’ in all charts in the afternoon. This phenomenon has been repeating itself day after day.

While they are renewing idol records of the past 10 years, the above fact is what the fans and related personnel are mostly paying attention to. Idol groups with a strong fandom usually go upward in rank during dawn when there aren’t as many public listeners, and their rankings drop in the afternoon when there are a lot of public listeners. While this tendency is pointed out as a weakness of a music market structure based on streaming, iKON’s no. 1 is more meaningful since they are sturdily maintaining their top spot for 24 hours.

This phenomenon brings out the conclusion that the public eventually reacts and are enthusiastic to good music. Due to the fact that member B.I participated in the composing and writing of all tracks in iKON’s 2nd official album to achieve these results, they have earned the public’s trust in musicality for their future releases as well. The group’s popularity increased as a result of the success, but the trust on their work has increased even more.

While being at no. 1 for 4 consecutive weeks and no. 1 for 34 days in real-time charts, iKON is actively promoting their new album through not only music broadcasts, but also through radio and variety programs, to repay the love and support from Korean fans.

Via YG Life
“The Endless March” … iKON, No. 1 ‘All-Kill’ For 34 Days “The Endless March” … iKON, No. 1 ‘All-Kill’ For 34 Days Reviewed by YG YGE on March 01, 2018 Rating: 5

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